I-Spy Mineral Auctions Launch!

Welcome to I-Spy Mineral Auctions. Bringing the mineral world to you one lot at a time!

Rules are simple:

  • You must have a WordPress login to bid. You can register here or log in here if you have already registered or have an existing WordPress login.
  • At this time, proxy bids are unavailable so the bid entered is the actual bid.
  • Winning auctions can be combined for shipping.
  • Winning bidders will be invoiced after shipping has been calculated.
  • Australian winners can choose to pay by cash, bank transfer or PayPal.
  • Non-Australian winners by PayPal only.
  • Shipping costs will be calculated and added to the invoice. Estimates can be determined at Australia Post.
  • Shipping will be the cheapest option unless requested otherwise.
  • Insurance is optional and on request.
  • Shipping is from Australia.
  • Heavier items will show the weight to assist in understanding likely shipping costs.
  • If there is a Buy it Now option, the amount will be displayed.
  • Buy it Now items will be held in the cart for 30 minutes only. If checkout is not completed by then, the item is released.
  • Patreon Patrons get discounts! Even on auctions! Find out more here.
  • Money back guarantee if not fully satisfied.

Click on the Home link above to bid!

Enjoy the experience. Feedback welcomed.

Regards, Steve

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